About Me

TypeScript code on a computer screen

Name: Max Karlsson
Location: Melbourne
Favourite (programming) languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, Python
Favourite DBMS: Neo4j & MongoDB.
Education: Bachelor's degree from Linnaeus University in Sweden.

My story

I'm a Swedish-born full stack developer who spent the better part of my twenties travelling around, living and working in 4 different countries; including Canada, Sweden, Norway and Australia.

My passions

I truly love JavaScript, even in spite of all its kinks and quirks, or perhaps due to them. There are just so many things you can do with the language: web apps, native apps, APIs, services, scripts, IoT, AI... the list is long. With the addition of TypeScript you can also get typesafety and improve the developer experience.

The tools I love to use are React, Koa, Node, MongoDB and GraphQL. I have recently discovered Neo4j and have decided to learn how to use this powerful database in my systems. Graph databases seem like the future in todays data-heavy applications as they seem to be the most performant at handling interconnected data.

My mission

As a programmer, I want to be a part of innovation and continue to build the applications of tomorrow. As a writer I want to inspire people into action, either to learn something new, or to make improvements to the world we all share.